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World 5G Convention 2019 Kicks off in Beijing English

Source: 科技日报-中国科技网| 2020-04-16 12:05:35| Author: 夏青

Beijing Municipal People's Government, National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will jointly hold the first World 5G Convention in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area from November 20 to 23, 2019. The Convention aims to seize the opportunities brought by 5G technological innovation and industry reform, collect quality innovation resources and advance the growth and application of 5G. It also intends to expedite the commercialization of 5G and boost the exchange and joint advances of global 5G technologies.

Themed with "5G Changes the World, 5G Creates the Future", the Convention features internationalization, high-end orientation and specialization. Focused on boosting domestic and foreign 5G application growth, it consists of a conference and forum segment, an exhibition segment and an application design competition.

The most authoritative views and consensus will be voiced here. The most cutting-edge new technologies, new products, new applications will be displayed here. The most frontier concepts, new creative ideas and new models will generate here.

The Convention will gather the most influential scientists in global information communication, world known upstream and downstream 5G enterprises, 5G industry users and renowned investors. They will discuss issues in connection with the frontier technologies, industry trend and innovative application in 5G sector. By means of conferences, exhibitions and competitions, the Convention will build the global top platform for 5G industry cooperation and resource integration, boost world's 5G technology innovation, industrial development and application scenarios transformation and drive worldwide collaborative innovation in 5G, thus promoting the 5G industry toward maturity. It will provide a new driving force to promote Supply-side Structural Reform, a new opportunity to revitalize the real economy, a new engine to build a manufacturing power and a cyber power, so as to contribute to establishing the win-win cooperation-oriented new international relations and the community of shared future for mankind.

According to the Organizing Committee of the Convention, the Forum comprises the opening ceremony, main forum, summit forum and closing ceremony. The International Seminar on Future Information and Communication Technologies, the Innovation and Development Summit of Media Communication in the 5G Era and the final of the Announced 5G Application Design Competition will be held first on November 20; the opening ceremony and the main forum will kick off on the morning of November 21; the summit forum will be held from the afternoon of November 21 to November 22, during which extensive discussions will be conducted under such themes as 5G and Digital Economy New Motivation, 5G and Global Operators, 5G and ISO, 5G Security, 5G New Entrepreneur, 5G+ Intelligent Education, 5G+ Smart Medical Health, 5G+ Smart City, 5G+ Ultra HD Video, 5G+ Smart Transportation and 5G+ Intelligent Manufacturing; the closing ceremony will be held on the afternoon of November 22.

Besides, from November 21 to 23, the Convention will hold an exhibition that focuses on 5G development and application and covers an area of nearly 20,000m2. It aims to display the latest achievements and scenario application cases of 5G development under six themes, namely "Exhibition Achievements, Forward-looking", "Smart City, Smart Life", "Smart Transportation, Enjoy Travel", "Intelligent Manufacturing, Create the Future", "Smart Medical Health, Healthier", and "HD Video, See the World".

By then, 5G intelligent applications will completely cover the venue, fully reflecting interactivity, forward looking and experience.

During the exhibition, ceremonies of policy release and strategic cooperation contract signing will be held and a number of 5G research results and authoritative opinions will be released. Meanwhile, some new product launch events will be held to release the achievements made in 5G innovative application products and technologies.

In addition, the Convention will also solicit solutions for 5G demonstration scenario solutions and hold the Announced 5G Application Design Competition.

The People's Government of Beijing Municipality, as one of the sponsors, has been actively promoting the application development of 5G industry. This year, Beijing issued the Beijing 5G Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022) and proposed the implementation of the "1551" Project. The first "1" refers to a breakthrough in the medium-high-frequency core device technology and other key links; the double "5" refer to five kinds of applications of five scenarios: demonstration application of five typical scenarios, including 5G automatic drive, medical health, Industrial Internet, the smart city and the ultra HD video, in five major projects and activity event venues, including Beijing's sub-center, Beijing Daxing International Airport, the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019, the 2022 Winter Olympics and upgrading along Chang'an Avenue; the last "1" means a batch of new business types of 5G industry that will finally be developed.

The registration channels for convention participation, exhibition participation and competition participation of the Convention have been opened. For more details, please enter the official website www.w5gc.com.


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