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Chinese Experts to Discuss Industrialization and Internationalization Development of Minimally Invasive Surgery

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(Beijing, May 9, 2019)The 10th China International Medical Expo Sub-Forum----- "International Minimally Invasive Technology Innovation and Development Forum" was successfully been held in Taizhou, South China's Jiangsu Province. Many officials, experts, and entrepreneurs put forward positive suggestions in the future development of Chinese minimally invasive surgery during the sub-forum.

"Minimally invasive technology has become an important direction in the development of surgery in the world," said Fan Ling, deputy director of China National Center for Biotechnology Development. She pointed out that to promote the healthy development of Chinese citizens, the majority of scientific researchers, medical experts and entrepreneurs should continually explore the high-quality development of relevant technical fields based on urgent clinical needs.

In recent years, bio-medicine technology and medical device development have ushered in a "golden period". Cao Hongming, director of the Department of Biotech & Pharm. of Science and Technology Commission Shanghai Municipality, explained that medical device development is an essential part of the bio-medicine and health industry. It is related to the scientific and technological innovation and core competitiveness of cities and regions. Chinese government will continue to increase research and development support, simplify the examination and approval process, and provide support and services in optimizing the access of domestic innovative medical device products, to jointly boost the development of the industry.

"The tendency of minimally invasive technology development is to make the device more accurate, digital and intelligent," said Hua Yutao, director of China National Center for Biotechnology Development Small Molecule Drug & Medical Device Division. 

The development of domestic minimally invasive medical devices is in line with the national "healthy China" strategy, which can greatest extent reduce the suffering of patients in the psychological, physical,  life quality improvement, and rehabilitation. The development also based on new theories, new methods combined with the use of new materials, new tools, and new technologies, which has led to a significant breakthrough in the field of medical devices.

Zhao Yixin, the Chairman of the China Association for Medical Devices Industry, mentioned that with the application of minimally invasive technology to become more and more extensive, China's medical device industry is in a period of rapid development. It is reported that China's minimally invasive technology market will reach second place in the world by 2020.

Nie Honglin, an expert in the medical device industry and Chairman of Ezisurg Medical Co., Ltd. Indicated that China's minimally invasive surgical techniques had reached the advanced international level and it is the time to enter into the world market gradually. Nie indicated :"In the future, more enterprises like Ezisurg Medical will develop their products and technique based on a unique, innovative cooperation method--- ‘Scientists+ Scientific research+ Industrialization Platform' method.  It will continuously help domestic medical equipment enterprises become more high-end, stronger branded, and more international."


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