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China's New Drug Benefits to Anemia of Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Source: International Union for Science and Technology Communication| 2020-04-16 12:39:59| Author: 余昊原

(Beijing,August 2)Roxadustat, a new drug used for treating anemia of chronic kidney disease, has recently been recognized by top international academia. It is expected to lead the revolutionary change in the treatment mode of renal anemia.

The Roxadustat is a "domestic I" new drug that was developed jointly by FibroGen(China) and AstraZeneca(China). It was priority approved and marketed in China, and the Chinese patient can be the first batch to be treated with the new drug in the worldwide. It will bring benefits to 120 million Chinese patients who are suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease. 

Roxadustat can effectively treat and maintain the hemoglobin level for dialysis patients with chronic renal anemia. Before it enters the market, no novel target drug has been developed successfully in the field of renal anemia for nearly 30 years.

Renal anemia is one of the common complications of chronic kidney disease, in which the patient has an unusually low count of red blood cells. 98.2 percent of the dialysis patients have the complication, and the anemia treatment rate of dialysis patients is only 21.3%.

Poor control of the renal anemia will increase the risk of Cardiovascular disease incidence and death among dialysis patients. The symptom can not only affect the patients' physical health, mental health, and social function but also bring a heavy economic burden to their families and even the whole society. 

"It is China firstly debuted the Roxasta capsules in the market. China has become one of the first countries in the world to priority create a mechanism of action drug," said an official from China Food and Drug Administration.


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