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WEEKLY REVIEW (June 16- June 22)

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-06-23 10:48:00 | Author: LU Zijian

Asia's Largest Rail Transport Hub Opens

After four years of reconstruction, Beijing Fengtai Railway Station reopened on June 20. Covering 400,000 square meters and harboring 32 rail lines, the station is now Asia's largest rail transport hub. It adopts an overlapping rail design, which allows regular and high-speed trains, and subways to pass through the station at the same time.

Third Aircraft Carrier of China Launched

China launched its third aircraft carrier, the Fujian, in Shanghai on June 17. The carrier, named after Fujian province, was completely designed and built by China. It is the country's first domestically-made carrier that uses catapults.

China to Build 8 New National Atmospheric Background stations

By the end of 2025, China is expected to build eight new national atmospheric background stations, according to the China Meteorological Administration. The stations are established to monitor dozens of elements, including greenhouse gases, reactive gas ozone, aerosols and solar radiation.

Test for Engine of New Manned Carrier Rocket Successful

The long-distance and multiple ignition tests of a three -stage engine, which will be installed in China's new generation manned carrier rocket, have been successfully completed on June 14, indicating that it is ready to enter the next stage of prototype sample development, according to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

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