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5G Development Surges

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China has achieved significant milestones in its 5G development, as reported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. By the end of 2023, the country had successfully deployed 3.377 million 5G base stations, serving a staggering 805 million 5G mobile phone users.

The infrastructure for communication networks continues to advance rapidly. China boasts the world's largest fiber-optic and mobile broadband networks, with over 80 percent of administrative villages now connected to 5G. The efficient sharing of communication tower resources has resulted in more than 90 percent of base stations being co-built and shared, reducing the energy consumption of individual 5G stations by over 20 percent compared to the early stages of commercial use.

Furthermore, the country’s innovation capabilities in the 5G technology industry have been continuously strengthening. Innovations in technical standards, network equipment, and terminal devices have been evident, with the deployment of lightweight 5G core networks and customized base stations. New types of terminals such as 5G industrial gateways and inspection robots have also been successfully developed. China leads globally in 5G essential patent declarations, accounting for over 42 percent of the total, maintaining its position as a global leader.

The empowering effects of 5G technology are becoming increasingly prominent. Its integration into various sectors of the economy continues to expand, with over 71 major categories benefiting from 5G applications and more than 94,000 application cases identified. Additionally, over 29,000 5G industry virtual private networks have been established, facilitating the widespread adoption of 5G in industries such as manufacturing, mining, power generation, ports, and healthcare. Notably, there are over 10,000 "5G + Industrial Internet" projects underway.

Moreover, the economic impact of 5G is becoming more evident. The continuous growth of 5G mobile phone users and the rapid increase in 5G data consumption have effectively expanded the development space of the mobile communication market. By the end of 2023, 5G network access accounted for 47 percent of total network traffic in China.

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