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Academic Openness Brings Opportunities for Int'l Students

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-05-25 17:23:29 | Author: Mohammad Saiyedul Islam

By Mohammad Saiyedul Islam

Dr. Mohammad Saiyedul Islam.(COURTESY PHOTO)

Since the reform and opening-up, China's higher education has gradually achieved the goal of popularization from small to large and from weak to strong, which has helped China become a veritable educational power around the globe.

After years of hard work, China's higher education has achieved the goal of popularization ahead of schedule and has entered a post-popularization era. With the rapid expansion of the scale of higher education, the quality of higher education has increasingly attracted attention nationally and internationally.

An excellent academic environment and an atmosphere of integrity lay solid foundations for cultivating outstanding scientific and technological talents, stimulating the innovation vitality of scientific and technological personnel. Chinese universities provide an excellent environment for scientific researchers to solve all academic problems.

It is undeniable that China's science and technology development has taken advantage of the rapid economic growth. China makes a considerable contribution to developing the world's high-end scientific instruments and equipment industry used by the research groups.

President Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to create a good academic environment and promote academic ethics and research ethics. Strengthening scientific research integrity is significant to creating a good academic environment, guiding scientific researchers to adhere to academic integrity, improve academic personality, abide by academic norms, and maintain academic dignity.

Promoting the construction of a "community with a shared future for mankind" is an important Chinese idea that contributes to constructing a new global order of fairness and justice. Educational construction is the foundation of social development and a fundamental issue related to the common development of all mankind. Chinese foreign education exchange and cooperation have been continuously strengthened.

In recent years, China and relevant countries along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) have developed close educational cooperation and cultural exchanges, such as setting up projects to train high-skilled talent and offering scholarships to students from countries along the BRI.

In Chinese universities, teachers are very friendly, patient, kind, caring, and responsible to the students. China is known for its rich culture, ancient civilization and fantastic tourist sites. It does not come as a surprise that Chinese universities have some of the most beautiful campuses worldwide.

University libraries represent their unique style of learning. The collection of books, literature, information resources, and databases at Chinese universities is vast and varied. Libraries provide a comprehensive open-shelf service and utilize an integrated management paradigm for "collection, borrowing, and reading." Interiors are spacious and well-lit, with WiFi and a multi-functional academic lecture hall. Several professional servers are connected to the library network system for browsing and downloading resources.

China is becoming a fast-rising star in the educational field around the globe and more than 490,000 foreigners are studying in the country. More importantly, Chinese universities offer high-quality education to students at a very affordable tuition fee. The Chinese government, universities, and other entities offer different kinds of scholarships to support international students, which is most important, especially the developing or underdeveloped countries. For this reason, China has become one of the world's largest destination countries for international students to pursue higher education.

In the new era of steady improvement of China's comprehensive national strength and international status, and under the advancement of the great concept of building a "community with a shared future for mankind," China will undoubtedly assume more responsibility as a major country in the field of international educational exchanges and fair distribution of educational resources.

(The writer is a Doctoral Fellow at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, and a Bangladeshi journalist based in China.)

Editor: 龙云

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