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Starting the Day with Learning Chinese

Source: Science & Technology Daily | 2022-09-29 10:05:32 | Author: ZHAO Boyuan

Awarding appreciative medal to Sushil Bhutani after he participated in the international training workshops held by MOST(COURTESY PHOTO)
Edited by ZHAO Boyuan

Sushil Bhutani, manager of Development and Welding Consultant Company in India, has fond memories of the international training workshop held by China's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) several years ago.

Recalling the feeling of participation, Bhutani told Science and Technology Daily (S&T Daily) that he benefited a lot from the workshop, and it had prompted him to start learning Chinese. "My participation in that training workshop prompted me to learn Chinese language on Duolingo, and although my retaining ability is slow, nevertheless I have attended my sessions uninterrupted for 670 days. By far I am still not good at speaking Chinese, as I do not have any one to try out my language knowledge, but [I] still refuse to give up," he said.

Bhutani also said that he always starts his day by practicing Chinese, just as most Indians start their day with prayer.

Nejadmohammad Namaghi, chairman of the Board of Asia Ecosystem Institute in Iran, also spoke to S&T Daily about attending the international training workshop.

He feels China needs to promote itself more in terms of achievements on science and technology. He would like to help spread China's achievements in Iran.

"My personal belief is that one of the biggest problems in China is the lack of information of the many scientific achievements of this country in English. Your valuable work can be an effective and successful step for the great country of China. As a friend of China, who has succeeded in attending the workshops held by MOST, I will do my best to make China's achievements more well known on Iranian social networks," said Namaghi.

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