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Spring's Embrace: A Journey to Heart of Innovation

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A journey ahead of the Spring Festival took us into the heart of China's technological prowess, where scientists and researchers toil tirelessly and their endeavors intertwined with the marvels of cutting-edge experimentation.

On the tranquil shores of Yanqi Lake lies Huairou Science City. Here, within the confines of the Comprehensive Extreme Condition Experiment Facility, dedicated souls clad in blue lab coats embark on a voyage of discovery. Led by Liu Guangtong from the Institute of Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the expedition into the realms of extreme experimentation begins at the crack of dawn.

Venturing deeper into the corridors of scientific inquiry, we encountered Lin Fei, a scholar from the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences, delving into the nuances of quantum phenomena. Within these hallowed halls, where the echoes of groundbreaking discoveries reverberate, experiments unfold under the watchful gaze of custodians like Liu Guangtong. Theirs is a mission not just to maintain the apparatus of experimentation, but to guide and inspire a new generation of researchers.

The journey transitions from the realms of theoretical physics to the bustling construction sites along the canal banks. Here, amidst the cacophony of industry, a marvel takes shape—the emergence of Asia's largest underground transportation hub. With meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, engineers and laborers work tirelessly to realize a vision of connectivity and progress.

Yet, beyond the realm of steel and concrete, lies the beating heart of innovation — Liuzhou prefecture at Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, where, amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a spirit of creativity and ingenuity thrives. From the bustling streets adorned with electric vehicles to the serene halls of the Science Museum, the pulse of progress resonates throughout the city.

In the verdant landscapes of rural Liuzhou, traditions intertwine with modernity, and the spirit of scientific inquiry knows no bounds. Within the county's first-ever science museum, young minds are nurtured and inspired to explore the frontiers of knowledge. As the Lunar New Year approaches, festivities abound, but the quest for enlightenment never ceases.

In the tapestry of Liuzhou's landscape, woven with threads of diversity and innovation, a timeless invitation beckons. The coming of spring blossoms herald a promise of new beginnings, where Liuzhou waits, a beacon of progress amidst the winds of change.

Editor: 林雨晨

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