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Chinese Brands Propel High-quality Growth

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2024-07-05 09:29:26 | Author: QI Liming

Children's clothing industry from doing products to do brand transformation and upgrading.(PHOTO: XINHUA)

By QI Liming

As China's innovation-driven development focuses on generating new quality productive forces for higher scientific and technological innovation, the key is to strengthen the integration of science and technology with the economy. Innovation in science and technology must be strengthened to build a modern industrial system with high self-reliance that will rise to the top of the global value chain.

Brand China's star rises

An enterprise and even a country's brand embodies its core competitiveness. The concept of transforming manufacturing into original creation, speed into quality, and products into brands was born 10 years ago, determining the direction of China's high-quality development. In the past decade, China's brand building has made significant progress, and a large number of Chinese brands are popular both at home and abroad.

The concept of the "three transformations" is inspiring entrepreneurs to strengthen brand building and cultivate more time-honored brands, enhancing the "Made in China" brand identity.

In the past, Chinese exports were dominated by traditional industry products such as clothing, shoes and hats, but now the export of innovation-driven brands is gaining momentum.

According to reports, in the last decade, the number of Chinese brands reigning among the top 500 brands in the world increased from 29 to 48, with 10 brands among the top 100. The reputation and influence of brand China are  rising, becoming a global icon and setting the trend in many sectors.

Innovation-driven brand promotes high-quality development

High-quality development is the primary task to build a modern socialist country in our respects. Many "made from scratch" products in China are flourishing and promoting high-quality economic and social development.

The manufacturing industry is the foundation of the real economy and plays a pivotal role in high-quality development.

Home-made brands are coming up in many segments of this industry, such as high-end equipment, industrial structure and large scientific devices. According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2023, the total added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by five percent year on year, and China's manufacturing industry ranked first in the world in overall scale for 14 consecutive years.

Many brands with independent R&D in China have also emerged in various industries. Adora Magic City, China's first homegrown large cruise ship, has completed 37 journeys and welcomed over 150,000 tourists since its commercial maiden voyage on the 2024 New Year's Day, according to its operators.

From its design and construction to operation, Adora Magic City has achieved "something from nothing". The structure of China's cruise industry has shifted from over-reliance on consumption and operation to interconnected development of the demand and supply sides, and the entire industrial chain ecosystem has been improved.

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