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Minhang Opens Expats Service Center

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2023-05-25 10:57:58 | Author: Staff Reporters

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By Staff Reporters

More than 30 international experts from over 10 enterprises rooted in Minhang district, Shanghai, gathered at a foreign talent salon event, witnessing the establishment of Minhang's first Foreign Talent Service Center.

Innovation is the driving force, and talent is the primary resource. The Foreign Talent Service Center will conduct a series of activities to deliver detailed and accurate policy interpretation for foreign experts living in China, striving to build an exchange platform and provide efficient, convenient, and high-quality services for them.

During the salon, a policy interpretation session was held to help enterprises and experts understand policies and conduct business conveniently. Relevant departments explained the policies related to foreign employment permits and other relevant requirements. Attendees expressed their appreciation for this targeted policy interpretation, applauding its rich and practical content.

Furthermore, the interactive and communicative functions of the center were also highlighted. International experts showed a strong interest in Chinese traditional culture through experiencing traditional handicraft activities, gaining a more intuitive understanding of folk handicrafts, and appreciating the enduring charm of Chinese culture.

The establishment of the center in Minhang district marks a significant step towards attracting and supporting foreign experts in Shanghai. With its commitment to innovation and the provision of quality services, the center will create a dynamic platform for exchange and cooperation, fostering the growth and development of foreign experts in the region.

Editor: 毕炜梓

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