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Qingyuan Optimizes Foreign Affairs Service

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2023-05-25 11:02:45 | Author: Staff Reporters

The night view of Qingyuan city, Guangdong province. (PHOTO:VCG)

By Staff Reporters

Qingyuan city, Guangdong province, witnessed the establishment of its first industrial park Foreign Affairs Service Station (FASS) on May 12. This move has been welcomed by local enterprises as they are allowed to handle foreign-related affairs right on their doorstep. One business owner expressed delight after submitting the application materials for an APEC business card, saying, "It's great to have this foreign affairs service station. We can now handle foreign-related matters without leaving the industrial park."

The tasks of FASS in the industrial park include promoting overseas processing of APEC business cards, providing consultations on foreign policies and laws, and utilizing this platform to connect various resources in order to serve the industrial park and foreign-related enterprises. This initiative aims to further optimize the investment and business environment in Qingyuan.

After the unveiling ceremony, relevant departments and institutions gave detailed introductions about the policies that affected various enterprises. "This year, our company is vigorously expanding its market and securing orders. The information and policy shared in this presentation were like a timely rainfall for us," said a business owner.

And before that on May 10, to fully serve the city's high-quality economic and social development, the Foreign Affairs Office of Qingyuan Municipal Government established another FASS in a community where there is a concentration of foreign residents. The effectiveness of each FASS will be evaluated, and the model is expected to be gradually rolled out to other places as required.

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