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A Key Player in Innovation

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2023-05-11 09:32:02 | Author: Staff Reporters

Mr. Stanley Lim. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Mr. Stanley Lim is a Danish-Born-Chinese and the director of the China-Europe Electronic Materials International Innovation Center in Hefei, Anhui province. In a recent interview, Lim shared his insights on China's efforts in sci-tech innovation. "As for China's infrastructure, delivery is very convenient, which exceeded my expectations," he said, adding that he was and is still very surprised by the transportation and advanced digital payment system in China.

According to Lim, the technical development and Hefei's potential to become an advanced mega city are what attract him the most. "I think the area has great market potential, which is what we are looking for," he said, adding that Anhui's development in science and technology innovation is great. From his perspective, the local government in Anhui puts tremendous efforts into making innovation happen, which creates a lot of opportunities. From what he has seen, the industrialization of science and technology is growing quite fast. If not already here, the demand for greater products and technology is on the horizon.

Anhui's aspiration to become a global player in integrated circuits, new displays and sustainable energy is a key driver. The government is making an effort to engage with Lim and his team in order to understand what and how they can provide support. For example, they have already had a few meetings with delegations from the Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology, where they exchange information spanning from technical needs to market demands to personal opportunities.

In addition, in terms of China's technological development, Lim thinks the country has clearly demonstrated its commitment to becoming a technologically advanced powerhouse. He said that China is eager to learn and engage in technological innovation and put these innovations into the market. From his point of view, one key factor that makes China an exceptionally good innovator is its ability to adapt to rapid tech changes on a large scale. As a result, China is poised to take the lead in innovation.

"For Chinese modernization, I believe China can excel with its current aspiration and willingness to become a key player on the global level," he highlighted.

This article is contributed by LIANG Fan, QIN Shuying, ZANG Weiwei, FENG Fanxi and ZHENG Chen from Anhuinews English, Anhui New Media Group.

Editor: 毕炜梓

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