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Special Class Sparks Passion for Science

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2023-05-25 10:23:13 | Author: WANG Xin & LONG Yun

Professor Frederic Genty makes his speech during the event. (COURTESY PHOTO)

By WANG Xin & LONG Yun

As a prelude to the National Science and Technology Week 2023, the themed activity "Foreign Expert Science Class" was held on May 13 and 14,  attracting over 260 on-site attendees.

Professor Katsumi Tanigaki, a chief scientist at the Beijing Institute of Quantum Information Science, delivered an enlightening lecture titled "Emerging Quantum Information Science and Technology in Physics." With expertise in the field, the Japanese scientist elaborated on the origins, applications, development, and future prospects of quantum information, which combines quantum physics and information technology as an interdisciplinary study.

Professor Katsumi Tanigaki delivers his speech during the event. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Professor Frederic Genty, the dean of the Sino-French Institute of Engineering and Technology at Beihang University, provided a valuable insight into the world of engineering with the lecture titled "Exploring the Role and Contributions of Engineers."

Drawing inspiration from Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the Eiffel Tower, Genty shed light on the vital role played by engineers and inventors across various industries. He highlighted their contributions to spheres such as aviation and deep-sea submersibles, particularly during the second and third industrial revolutions. His lecture emphasized how engineers consistently push the boundaries in their own fields, creating significant value and benefiting humanity at large.

The event was filled with vibrant and frequent interactions between the lecturers and the audience. The experts' engaging explanations ignited curiosity and a genuine thirst for knowledge among the attendees. Additionally, the experts encouraged young individuals to develop practical skills, enhance their scientific literacy, and cultivate an innovative mindset.

The themed activities  have successfully organized nearly 60 lectures and have gathered foreign experts from over 20 countries, covering diverse fields such as chemistry, physics, aviation, engineering, materials and other sectors. They have received praise from all sectors of society for their valuable contributions to science and knowledge dissemination.


This article is also contributed by Foreign Talent Research Center, MOST.

Editor: 毕炜梓

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